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The purpose of ASTLHLO is to promote state and territorial health agency divisions, offices and programs that provide consultative and developmental support to local public health departments in their roles to protect, promote and improve community health.

We strive to make a difference through the activities of our association and its members, and through the expansion of our reach by forging partnerships with other public health organizations, nationwide.


The mission of ASTLHLO is to inform public health leaders and influence public health policy, and to assure effective state-local relationships and a strong public health presence at the state and local level. We seek to enhance communication, coordination and the continuation of effective public health efforts at the state and local level.

We accomplish our mission by:

1. Representing and supporting state health department officials in their roles to build relationships with local health agencies.
2.Providing networking opportunities for our members.
3.Advocating for a strong public health presence at both the state and local level.
4.Partnering with other national public health organizations to advance the field of public health.
5.Educating and informing the membership on developing national public health policy and enhancing meaningful participation on those policy processes.

Organizational Bylaws

ASTLHLO has adopted Organizational Bylaws to ensure a mutual understanding of the Association's purpose, organization, membership, voting rights, officers and board of directors, standing committees and operating standards.

Strategic Plan

The ASTLHLO strategic plan includes the following three goals:

1.Strengthen ASTLHLO as an organization and improve its visibility and influence in public health discussions and policymaking
2.Promote the importance of strong public health capacity at the state and local level
3.Increase the ability of state and local public health units to effectively carry out core public health functions