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ASTLHLO Activities

ASTLHLO members participate in a variety of activities to share information, network and learn from each other.

Calendar of Events

Quarterly Educational Conference Calls

Educational conference calls are hosted by the ASTLHLO President.  The purpose of these calls is to update members on new and evolving public health initiatives and issues occuring at the national level, and to discuss and share member experiences on a variety of special topics. The dial-in phone number and participant code are provided by e-mail several weeks prior to each call.

If you have a topic of interest or a speaker you'd like to hear on one of the conference calls, please let us know.

Annual Meeting

Each year, ASTLHLO holds an annual meeting; many years the annual meeting is held virtually.

Networking Opportunities

Due to the nature of their work, ASTLHLO members often find themselves at similar conferences and meetings across the country. While the organization does not hold formal meetings at these events, they are a perfect opportunity for members to connect with each other, informally.  To encourage and facilitate connections, ASTLHLO maintains a calendar of events of interest.  Members are encouraged to add events to the calendar.  ASTLHLO can assist with planning and communication if individual members are interested in coordinating informal gatherings.